Week 12 – Role Play & Poster & Sketch book

During week 12 tutorial, we did trial Role play. However, It was not good as we did on rehearsal. We went over 1 and half minute. As individual performance, I was running across the stage few times which caused confusion to audiences. In fact, I managed my part within the time limit. For the Poster, we got bad feedback for it. On Thursday meeting, we had to redesign it again. At the beginning, all members tried to convince that their ideas are good and we should follow them. Indeed, Redesign poster and edit Role play were two important things we had to finish. So, I had to stop them fighting about the poster and divided our group into 2 groups that one group focused on the poster and one group worked on Role play. In addition, my sketch book design was not good enough and missed some explanations for pictures and diagrams.


Week 11-Solution, Poster and Role play

During week 11 meetings, we had to finish our solutions, make a draft of poster and Role play to present these things during Week 12 tutorial. During this week, I felt that I was not effective as I did before. I think one of the reasons was I had to many assignments to do because I don’t have any final exams. So, I did not have 100% concentrate on Monday meetings. However, I got back my performance on Thursday meetings. We created script for role play, divided time for each scene. Also, digital and physical posters were done. I was really appreciated my team members for their supports as one of the character of a high performance team.

Week 10- Making decision on our final solution

After two week for brainstorming ideas, we made decision on our final decision. We created a draft of solution packet during monday meeting. I was really happy that two of my ideas were chosen. Firstly, donor will get recognition icon on their Facebook profile after they donated blood. Secondly, Redcross will send a smaller van to get blood from first time donor in their house to help them get over their scared feeling. After presented our draft to Richard and received some good feedbacks, all members seemed to working harder and contributed more. As individual contribution, I helped my team created  final solution in the way that all smaller solution in logical order because there are multiple solutions and we packed into stream of solutions based on Behaviour change model. Also, I worked with another team members to create digital poster and   physical poster. All team members were working hard to get job done.

Week 9 – Confused and Hardworking group

After short discussion with all team members, we all agreed that we are confused about design process. I have some friends who are working in design industry. They told me that they have never used or applied these design thinking concepts on their works. During this week, we are still talking about brainstorming new ideas. Furthermore, we decided that we will set up one more meeting from 10am to 1pm on  Thursday morning due to Challenge 2 workload. I am very happy about how effectively my group members are contributing. They are not only keen to get job done but also make it work perfectly. As the character of a high performance team, all team members take their responsibilities and working together to achieve our goals. Also, I am happy with my performance during week 9 working progress. I contributed a lot of good ideas and keep our group on track not go to something is not relevant to our problems.

Week 8- First meeting

I had been sent a notification email about our first meeting on Monday Week 8 on Saturday Week 7. However, some members encountered some issues with getting email. And, we cancelled our first meeting. I decided I will send text message to all members rather email. We discussed a lot of ideas. However, I thought that we are not on the right track. We have not really understand about Redcross problems and we jumped into solutions. I had to tell all members that we need to do more research about Redcross problems and its customers first before we go into solutions. My strength in this week is Leadership skills and decision-making which help to get our group back on track.

Week 7- New Group

For the second haft of semester, we will have Design Challenge 2. The best thing is I will have a new group. At the beginning, we formed our group based on our interest on the project we want to do because there are 3 project including RACQ, AUPOST and Redcross. Redcross have been chosen as our project. I am really interested in Health project that I believe I can do it well. I asked all member contact details and created Team Registration form right after we formed our group.  I feel that this group will be a good group through our conversation. Everybody talked about their expectations and goals which are good. We decided we will have group meeting on Monday every week from Week 8.

Final Prototype and Presentation

We conducted Competitor Analysis and Interviews and Observations last week. The result of Interviews and Observations is really helpful.

 Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.30.45 am

Table 1: Interviews and Observations Result

I read again and again the result and  asked myself some questions:

  • How can I make an app with logical order of functionalities?
  • What are the user needs?
  • What are the user requirements?
  • How to bridge the gap between user needs and user requirements?
  • What operating systems will we build the app for?
  • How to adapt these operating systems UI design standard?

I came to one decision that I will re-design UI and add more Functionalities to match with user needs and user requirements which I got from Interviews and Observations section.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.34.52 am

Photo 1: New Login page

We got really good feedbacks from audiences during practical presentation during week 5 tutorial. In the practical presentation, I found out that only thing can help my team working more effectively is the mark. I asked them ” Do you guys want to get a high mark?So, do your job carefully, effectively rather than leave everything to me.” And, the change is being reflected on the quality of our presentation. We finished all the slides on time and showed every important points. I hope my team could done the same thing at Design Challenges 1 presentation.