Blog 2: Organisation systems

This is my reordered list:

#!%&: Creating Comic Books
$35 a Day Through Europe
.38 Special
1-2-3 of Magic, The
1001 Arabian Nights
Albany, New York
El Paso, Texas
H20: The Beauty of Water
Hague, Netherlands, The
Lord of the Rings, The
New York, New York
Newark, New Jersey
Plzen, Czech Republic
Saint Nicholas, Belgium
St. Louis, Missouri
XVIIme siècle

1. Did you put The Hague under T or H?

I placed H first , because I use an ordered and alphabetical list

2. Did you put El Paso under E or P?

Under E
3. Which came first in your list, Newark or New York?

I placed New  York first. Causes,  It is a famous place (in my mind) and I found an explanation (In Daniel blog) is that ” in terms of an ASCII table then the value of the space character (32) is lower than the value of an ‘a’ character (97). This is only when factoring the space though; otherwise the result would be inverted with A coming before Y alphabetically. ”
4. Does St. Louis come before or after Saint Nicholas?

It is ambiguous for me. So, I tried A to Z list in Microsoft Excel and the result is “Saint Nicholas” comes before “St. Louis
5. How did you handle numbers, punctuation, and special characters?

I sorted this list by Symbols first, then numbers from 0 to 9, and then letters in alphabetical order.
6. Assuming the italicised terms are book titles, what might be a more useful way to organise this list?

There are many ways to organise  such as by author name, by publisher, etc. For me, I am organising my books by Genre first then Alphabetical order and Autobiographical
7. If the cities represent places you’ve visited and the book titles are ones you’ve read, how could chronology be used to order the list in a more meaningful way?

I would make a list that shows City I visited include books I read in this city (If I travelled).


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